We Empower Teachers


The impact of a truly empowered teacher goes far beyond what can be measured with numbers. As role models and community leaders, they have the power to create change that lasts for generations. 1 Million Teachers is the international programming partner for the development of empowered teachers, we go beyond training to also create pathways to job satisfaction and consistent income in order to achieve sustainability. 

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

Closing The Teacher Gap

Obtaining a quality education is the foundation for sustainable development. Yet without urgent action, more children will not have access to a teacher in 2030, than today.

A Global Mission, Close to Home

1 Million Teachers was co-founded when Hakeem Subair couldn’t find suitable education options for his family. Now two co- founders Rizma Butt and Hakeem Subair are committed to creating a world with enough high quality teachers to ensure all children can access a proper education.

How We’re Empowering Teachers

We’re tackling the teachers gap at a scale never before attempted by blending world class eLearning with grassroots, community-driven programming.

Meet the Leadership Team

From our inception to today, we’ve grown into a small but mighty team.

Leadership Team