Teaching Internationally & Edutours

All of the teacher candidates involved expressed an interest in teaching overseas or cross-cultural teaching and they have to do a three-week alternative practicum as part of our program.

2020 Trip to East Africa

2018 Trip to Ghana

Our teachers are awesome. This is but one example of many of their heroics. This time, at Hope And Service To Mankind Foundation (Hope For Rural Dwellers) school. Queen’s Faculty of Education.

2019 Trip to East Africa

1MT/Queen’s Faculty of Education 2019 Alt-Prac to Tanzania and Rwanda. It has been a month of learning, discovery, and fun for the amazingly talented, hardworking and resilient teacher candidates and faculty from Queen’s University, the 1MT program development team, and teachers and students from the many schools that they worked.

Today I had the incredible opportunity  to share my knowledge of digital literacy with my fellow colleagues. The teachers shared insightful and creative ways of how they are using social media in the classroom and demonstrated how students can benefit from using relevant platforms to engage their students. The professional dialogue we shared was inspiring and educational. I thank them for their enthusiastic participation and I look forward to sharing more resources and strategies in the future. I also want to thank 1million teachers and Queen’s University for providing me the opportunity to take part in such an incredible adventure to expand my professional teaching community.

Samantha Lundy

It was an absolute pleasure to be able to share some of my experience and thoughts on gamification with the group. I was extremely impressed by their enthusiasm and passion for teaching. My favourite part of the day was being able to talk with the local teachers and gain some new insight into the profession. I appreciated responding to their challenging questions. All in all, the day was a blast! Thank you to 1MT and Queen’s for giving me this fantastic opportunity to expand my personal and professional horizons! 


Today I was provided with an opportunity to support local teachers as they expand their knowledge and understanding surrounding higher order thinking questions. This experience was both rewarding and insightful as I was able to participate in a professional dialogue with teachers who are passionate about the profession. Having been a part of the first ever 1MT workshop, we now know moving forward how to best create appropriate and relevant content for future modules. It was exciting to watch the progression of this professional learning community throughout the day and I look forward to being part of this community both in Accra and online.


Working with local teachers at our first workshop was an absolute pleasure! I found the teachers enthusiastic with lots of experience that they were eager to share. I felt humbled by the wealth of insight that these teachers brought to our sessions. After the end of my time with them, I believe that I learned a lot from our new colleagues and friends. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with 1 Million Teachers!