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Are the same modules used to teach elementary and high school teachers? How will that work, since both groups teach different courses and students from a different age group?
Modules are relevant to teachers at both levels. Apart from certain subjects for senior secondary schools such as physics, chemistry, most of the requirements for teaching are covered.
How flexible are these courses? Since, the teachers are at work during the week, will the teachers be able to complete the courses within the span of one year if they dedicate only their weekends to this?
The courses are self-paced, and are designed such that learners study at their convenience. They can even be accessed on an app on their mobile devices. While it may take an average of 12 months to achieve Black Belt, some learners may take a shorter time or even longer. It depends on the learner.
What happens when the learner doesn’t pass a particular module? Will he/she have to give the exam again?
Yes, the teacher is required to take the quizzes as many times as it takes to pass before moving on.
Is there any way (tool/technique) to ensure that the knowledge and skills acquired are actually put to use in the classroom?
The essence of the program is to effect positive student outcomes. If your students are not getting better, then something is wrong. Hence the evaluation for the black belts allow schools and parents to evaluate the performance of the teachers, which then determines whether they get the rewards or not.
There exist a lot of schools that do not have the required government approval yet, are they allowed to enroll for the training as well?
Our main concern is to improve the capacity of teachers. We are not in a position to determine who gets trained and who doesn’t. We will train any school or anyone who is interested- even those who are currently not teaching in classrooms. Parents can register for the purpose of helping their children at home. It is open to all, including the school owners. Moreover, this program is an independent teacher development program that in no way replaces the already existing requirements set by the authorities. It complements the requirements instead. It is our way of ensuring that only teachers who have the KSAs get rewarded- a key platform of our objective.
What is the belief base of the visionaries of this program?
We would like to point out that at 1 Million Teachers, we do not do anything based on religion. We are set on a mission to do a collective good to Africa through this organization. We particularly encourage religion tolerance.
What are the metrics being used to categorize the private school?
Things like the location, school structure, ambiance, school fees, calibre of teachers determine whether schools are high income or low income private schools.
What does the curriculum cover?
The curriculum covers all the essentials of teaching- the things that a teacher ought to know to be effective- from classroom management, to handling difficult children, to relating with parents, school leadership, learning and motivation, special needs education, STEM subjects, civics, literacy and numeracy etc. For the teachers who already have some knowledge and expertise in those areas, it is a bonus. This means that their learning curve will be less steep. The program ensures that whoever goes through our system not only has the knowledge, skills and the ability to be a teacher, but also ensure that they are engaged, motivated, dedicated and are focused on improving the learning outcomes for their students. Our primary objective is to have teachers who make a difference in the lives of their students, that is what we want to celebrate and reward. We are not here to replace any certification provided by the governments or authorities. What we offer is a different pathway to excellence, and that the existing models are not functional and needs to be changed. If the teachers are not engaged and motivated it does not really matter what or how much they know.
Is 1 Million Teachers supported by the Canadian government?
We aim to eventually get an official endorsement of the federal government through the Global Affairs Canada and the high commissioner in Nigeria. We are strongly supported by the Smith School of Business, the Centre for Social Impact at Queens University as well as the faculty Education at Queens University.
Is this training internationally recognized, or does it give you an Advantage if you want to seek for teaching positions abroad?
Our contents are designed to meet the needs of the common wealth countries, created by experts from the various common wealth countries. They meet the highest levels of international standards. Our instructional designer is a renowned expert in the field with over 15 years working in the field with organizations such as the World Bank and the United Nation. Also, with the involvement of the Faculty of Education at Queens University, Canada, we are working towards getting course credits that can be a big boost when you seek to further your studies. This will take some time though. Our value proposition is: Best of the world teacher training, at the cost of around 12 cups of premium coffee.

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