Refine your ideas for improving education and take them to your community with our free social entrepreneurship training.

How it Works?

The HH MSII SDG Challenge is designed for practicing teachers and is divided into five separate stages:

You will be provided with online learning tools and resources to explore concepts related to innovation, entrepreneurship, program management, leadership and the Sustainable Development Goals. You are not required to have a fully-formed idea at this stage. The modules will provide you with tools and frameworks to clearly define your idea and to develop a persuasive concept note. 

Why we are different

Transforming education systems begins with teachers. Enabling teachers in developing scalable education projects helps ensure that all students have access to the education they deserve. The MSII SDG Challenge focuses on social entrepreneurship principles and systems thinking, to support teachers through the stages of ideation, project implementation, and achieving scale.

Program Phases

Africa needs community-driven innovation to transform its education system – join our teachers in building your ideas and bringing them to life! The HH Muhammad Sanusi II SDG Challenge provides teachers with online training, coaching, and resources in social entrepreneurship to make a difference in their community.

Our Elearning program

His Highness Muhammad Sanusi II of Kano (HH MSII), UN Advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 1 Million Teachers have partnered to create the annual MSII SDG Challenge. This program’s aim is to catalyze and assist teachers in developing innovative community projects focusing on SDG 4 – Quality Education, and SDG 5 – Gender Equality.


Have a question, comment, or looking to connect?

You can email us at admin@msiisdgfund.org

Who is eligible for the MSII SDG Challenge?

Practicing teachers based anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa

What type of projects is the MSII SDG Challenge aiming to generate?

Any community project run by a teacher(s) that enhances learning. Our aim is to calayze a wide variety of projects – both small projects, as well as those with potential to scale. 


Do I have to have a project idea in order to register for the Challenge?

No! Any teacher passionate about improving education may register for the first stage of the Challenge (Open eLearning). In this stage, you will learn frameworks and concepts that will help you develop your educational initiative. 


Is there any cost to participate in the Challenge?

No, there is no cost to participate in the Challenge

How much grant funding is available at each stage of the Challenge?

Open eLearning (No grant funding available); Pre-Incubator ($500 USD); Incubator ($2,000 USD); Accelerator (Up to $20,000 USD); Partnership ($100,000 USD)

What is the application process?

Each stage of the Challenge has a different registration/application process. To join the Open eLearning stage, simply fill out our short registration form. You will automatically be enrolled in the 1 Million Teachers platform, where you will have access to a variety of resources to support your journey as a teacher-changemaker. Applications for the next stage of the Challenge – the Pre-Incubator – will open on November 15, 2021.

When can I register for the Challenge?

Registration for the first stage of the Challenge – Open eLearning – is open now!

What is the deadline to apply?

There is no deadline to register for the Open eLearning stage. Applications for the Pre-Incubator will close on December 15, 2021. Additional details will be provided closer to the application period. 


Do I need to take part in Open eLearning in order to apply for the Pre-Incubator program?

 No. You may apply directly to the Pre-Incubator program. However, we encourage you to register for Open eLearning as this will help prepare you for the Pre-Incubator application process. 

Do I need to be located in sub-Saharan Africa to participate?

This program is aiming to support teachers in sub-Saharan Africa. Participants will need to be on ground in order to develop and implement their ideas, so we ask that only practicing teachers who are currently living in sub-Saharan Africa register for the Challenge.

When will application for the Pre-Incubator program open?

November 15, 2021 at 12 Noon WAT