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1 Million Teachers is proud to partner with organizations that share our belief that genius is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. Together, with our partners, we’re building a future with enough trained and motivated teachers that every child can has the chance to unlock their full potential.

Our partnerships come to life in many different ways including educational and sponsorship.

Our team would be thrilled to discuss your individual or organizational social impact goals and provide more detail on how our programs can help.


        Teacher Training Institutions

        Work with us to train the next generation of teachers. As an educational institution, foundation or government, we work with you to multiply our collective impact through a mix of monetary and programming value exchanges. 

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        One of the ways to attract competent new teachers is to start right at the beginning – while they’re in school, training to be teachers. 

        The instruction received through the 1MT platforms does not replace the curriculum from their schools and, except a school decides otherwise, is not assessed as part of their degree requirements, rather it is only intended to give them an edge as they begin their professional careers. 

        Access will be provided to all 1MT online content – which covers a wide range of knowledge areas in education and pedagogy, personal development, and leadership, English Language Proficiency, ICT, Information literacy (and digital literacy), Competence-Based Curriculum – incorporating cross cutting issues, including problem solving, critical thinking, Peace and Values Education, Gender Education, Inclusive Education, Financial Education & Entrepreneurship, Environment and Sustainability (The Green Teacher), Standardized Culture, Guidance and Counselling, and Assessment. Further, 1MT will continually collaborate with its partners to develop courses for the specific needs of their locations based on identified gaps.

        In conjunction with partner, Queen’s University, Canada, 1MT shall collaborate with various institutions across the countries where we operate to carry out joint research activities in areas of teacher training and student learning and other relevant areas to provide evidenced based, actionable information for planning and assessment purposes.  We will also collaborate with you to house a Centre for Teaching Excellence within your education faculty to foster the practice of teaching at the basic education level and to serve as a hub for cross fertilization of ideas and professional collaboration. 

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        Queen's University Faculty of Education Logo

        Queen’s University: The Faculty of Education at Queen’s University formalizes its partnership with 1MT. As part of the partnership agreement, Queen’s Faculty of Education lends its teacher education expertise towards developing program content.

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        Sterling Bank: 1 Million Teachers is proud to work with Sterling Bank Plc as they doubles down on their already incredible work to enhance the quality of education in Nigeria. Sterling Bank is empowering teachers through our Champion-A-Teacher program, as a corporate partner.

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        Corporate Social Responsibility

        We help our corporate partners achieve their social impact goals through meaningful and direct methods. Your support can be directed to align with your organization’s priorities, such as women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, youth and sustainable development.

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        We rely on sponsors to subsadize the cost of course development and other expenditures. Because of this, we can offer our programs to any teacher, in any part of the world, at a price point that reflects their income levels and personal circumstances.

        Our corporate partners provide financial and in-kind support. As a show of gratitude for your suppoer, we are proud to offer corporate benefits such as:

        • Course Modules: Conribute to a specific course module that resonates with you (ie. soft skills, leadership, core skills). To show our appreciation, we’ll name and custom brand the module to your organization.
        • Workshops: Support our extra curricular programming by covering honoraria for facilitators, venue, accommodation, and other in-kind support. Workshops can include a focus such as women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, and economic development or tailor your support to enabiling us to deliver a workshop in a specific country that resonates with you. 
        • Champion-A-Teacher: Know exactly who your support is impacting. This is available for individuals or as a corporate package with a set number of Black Belts/Master Teachers. Pricing is typically CAD$150/teacher for lifetime access to our digital modules. 
        • Champion-A-Class: Support further training of one (or more) of our elite Black Belts (3rd Dan) at Queen’s University, Canada, which will be named “XXXX Black Belts” in any of, or a combination of the following: Graduate Diploma in Professional Inquiry (GDPI), Professional Master’s in Education (PME), Professional Doctorate in Education, Ed.D.
        • Skilled Volunteering and Employee Engagement: We can create opportunities to directly mentor a Black Belt trainee or digitally contribute to a workshop. 

        To recognize the contribution you have made through your commitment to corporate social responsibility, we’re delighted to offer tolkens of our appricieaton such as graduation photos, thank you letters, personalized videos and branded gifts. 

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        A Special Thank You

        Ready to make your impact?

        Our team would be happy to discuss your individual or organizational social goals and provide more detail on how our programs can help.