The Black Belt Program

The Heart of the 1MT Program  – The online component is self-paced, incorporates gamification best practices, draws in and motivates participants to keep learning, facilitates engagement and knowledge retention, delivers content in bite-sized pieces that ensure easy assimilation of material, enables easy tracking of learners’ progress. Trainees progress through various belts – White Belt (Cotton) to Black Belt to White Belt (Silk) – getting badges as they achieve the milestones.

Attaining Black Belt triggers a host of benefits.

The Black Belt is also the level at which the trainees qualify for an immersive boot camp (followed by several classroom workshops), facilitated by our partner university – Queen’s University, 1MT faculty members and Black Belts from the 1MT development program. Professional development continues as the trainees are equipped to mentor others, becoming resource persons themselves, sharing their knowledge as adjunct members of the 1MT faculty, in the process supplementing their regular income, making them more satisfied with their jobs. 

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