We Need Almost 70 Million More Teachers By 2030

Without qualified and motivated teachers, children stand little chance of realizing their potential. Unfortunately, there are massive shortages of qualified and competent teachers across the world, especially in sub Saharan Africa. 

Our mission is to build a critical mass of highly trained and enterprising education changemakers who will lead grassroots improvement within their communities. 

We combine 1-on-1 support with scalable forms of elearning technology to create an impact that’s holistic yet scaleable. It’s a modern solution to long standing problems and it’s one that’s been recognized by the likes of UNICEF and Global Citizen. 

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The single greatest effect on student achievement is not race, it is not poverty – it is the effectiveness of the teacher.

Harry Wong

Modern solutions to long standing challenges

Our programs are built on what’s always made a great teacher, amplified by modern tools. By blending scalable digital solutions with community-based leadership, we’re tackling the teacher gap at scale never before attempted. 

A Global Mission, Close to Home

Co- founders Hakeem Subair and Rizma Butt are committed to creating a world with enough high quality teachers to ensure all children can access a proper education. Today, we’re a globally recognized programming partner, dedicated to  creating enough high quality teachers to ensure all children can access a proper education. 


Make Your Impact

Changing the world takes everyone. We rely on supporters like you to subsidize the cost of developing and distributing our programming.